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Mural page header of Genevieve Bryan painting a mural


C.S. Lewis Quote Mural 

This mural is installed in an office as a reminder that life continues to evolve as each chapter closes and a new opens, especially as we age.

The full quote by C.S. Lewis is, "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream".

The words are arranged in a dreamlike sparkling haze to emphasize the sentiment. 


4'x4' Portable Mural 

This portable mural was inspired by a prompt from SLC's Gateway Art Shop Project. They had a call for artists to create a monochromatic window display. I went with rich ranges of green, from chartreuse to a deep moss green. 

The photos on-site were hard to capture due to reflections in the glass, but it was installed hanging in midair with real plants surrounding it in a fabric-covered space.