Why the F*** is design so expensive?!

That's a great question, I would love to tell you. (Nod to Elyse Myers...she's great, and I love her.)

Whether you're a designer or a non-designer, I knoooowww you've heard someone talk about a designer’s role as “making things pretty”, right? If you wanna hear my eyes roll so hard they threaten to scrape my corneas off, ask me to do this lol. Kidding, but not kidding. This grossly underestimates the value and strategy that goes into all design and commercial artwork. I GUESS it's ok if you didn't realize this before *wink*, but let's take a little walk around this idea together, shall we?

The price tag of any service or product is derived

by not only the time it takes, but more importantly the process,

the strategy, the overall value, and potential for client growth.

Simply put: there is SO much more going on than meets the eye.

Making things look “nice” is secondary to so much behind-the-scenes

strategy, homework, collaboration, and dedication toward a

common goal.

The creative process can differ from designer to

designer, artist to artist, depending on those goals. As I make my way through the design process with my clients, I make it clear at every step how + why design is an important investment in the success of their business as a whole. The more intentional and aligned your business is with your values, goals, mission, community, target audience, and consistent aesthetic, the betta.

My goal is not to whip out a quick logo design for my clients and call it a day. What's crazy is technically I could do that and still make money. HOWEVER, that would be a disservice to what I can offer AND what clients deserve. I don't roll that way! I'm a chronic over-achiever and thoroughness is just a part of who I am. If it doesn't make sense to me why I'm doing something, if it's not done well, then it's not worth doing.

Understandably, there are lots of other designers who approach this idea differently, DIY options exist that are a smaller investment and Hey, maybe that's a road you want to explore as you experiment. I'm just not the one. I'm here to ask big, juicy questions that provide clarity, explore ideas, and merge them all into a visual identity. We're gonna build a solid foundation ready to build upon if we work together.

My mission is to set my clients up with long-term

foundation that they can grow with, intentionally and organically.

Think about it this way - metaphorically speaking, me and my

clients are building their Dream House together, which will

showcase the identity, personality, values, and overall mission of their business. A place to grow, work, and build community through

shared interests and mutual goals.

In order to do this, you need a strong foundation and a blueprint

for success. I can help people do that. Even better, I can make it an enjoyable process! Think therapy, but make it business. The co-work that goes into a brand strategy is the place for SO MUCH

POTENTIAL! My clients will walk away knowing their who, what, WHY, and so much more that will ease overwhelm, drive business direction,

provide clarity and allow for focus and tackling biz goals. Oh

yeah, and you’ll walk away lookin and “feline” fly AF.