I'm Genevieve. I’m a multidisciplinary creative and the owner + operator of Paper Panther Studio. 


I’m a designer, handlettering artist, muralist, and crafter/maker.

I’m also a Sagitarrius, ENFP or “Campaigner” personality type. I find beauty and intrigue in nearly anything. I’m imaginative and open-minded, and I am not afraid to ask big questions, explore new ideas, experiences and adventures. In fact, I thrive on it!

I am both tough as nails and soft as butta. I bring the sass, but it’s all rooted in love and the spirit of playfulness. Hard and soft; tough but cute. This is how Paper Panther Studio has derived organically from who I am and my philosophy on finding balance in art, expression, and life itself.

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I’m naturally enthusiastic, and I am all about helping you see yourself as the magical f*cking badass you are + own your authenticity.


Whether it’s through a design that gets you feline fabulous + proud AF about your business; through brand strategy consultation that genuinely helps you gain clarity + confidence; or a custom sign to hang in your storefront.

I'm here to help you make your daring biz dreams come true through the power of aligned branding, artwork, and intention.



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my books are open!

If you're interested in working together or have questions, let's schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call. Spots are limited.