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Celebrating the Hidden Decimals

Dude, sometimes life is friggin' hard. You're human, so you already know that without me saying so, but can I get an amen? Here's my Part 1 on this thread.

It's way too easy to get caught up in the abstract idea of what "success" or even "progress" means for ourselves because we are predisposed and conditioned to be little comparison-monsters. And frankly, it's too much. If I use someone else's metrics of success to measure my own, I forfeit what I'm realizing to be the literal only thing I have control over in this life. And that is my relationship to myself.

Our culture is driven by the prescription and expectation of specific, major milestones. The pressure to meet specific milestones by a specific time (perhaps if ever) is heavy (any other Millennials SUPER RELATE?!). This allure and dread of unrealized future milestones can rob us of the bigger and more grounded truth: that any version of success is not a destination, but a cumulative result of many small, and often unglamorous, victories.

While I was thinking about this idea today, I recalled the concept of infinite decimals and how it's a great metaphor for the way we can direct our attention and cultivate perspective on our journeys. The idea of infinite decimals or the density of real numbers is that there are infinite decimals nestled between any two numbers (0.00001, 0.000000000001, etc). So between Point A and Point B, there are an infinite amount of steps between. We all have different starting points and reference points between our origins and outcomes. Sometimes this feels incredibly unfair. Sometimes it can feel like privilege. Sometimes we don't really know how we feel about it, except for frustrated and mystified at the growing staircase that seems to get longer with each step instead of shorter. It's the layered onion metaphor, it's the "1 step forward, 2 steps back" idiom, it's so many things we've heard and felt before...we're aware of the phenomenon, but lose touch on what to do about it. My best guess and offering today is to acknowledge the frustration and then look for the hidden decimals. What have you already achieved today/last week/last year that you can remark as progress toward the infinite? It's there, and it matters.

You've probably heard this all before, but if I've been trippin' maybe you are too. Maybe together we can remember that every step is an achievement in itself. And I am HERE to bear witness. For today's purposes, I'm sharing a small win of my own and wholeheartedly inviting you to share you own either in the comments or via DM.

I'll go first. MY BRICK N' MORTAR CREATIVE STUDIO IS *OFFICIALLY* LAUNCHED. And I have some photos to share about it. It's quirky and has its flaws, but I love her...just like me!

This both feels like a huge and small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things. A thousand steps went into making this happen, some exciting, and some uncomfortable. I'm learning so much every day and I'm so happy I get to share my work, vulnerability and expertise with my clients and friends.

In my Part 2 of this post, I'll be exploring what this studio means to me, how I got here, and open up more opportunities for conversation.

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