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Baby's First Blog.

Hi. Welcome to my blog.

Quick note: I have a deep inner history of things and ideas that hold/have held me back. Writing is one of them. It's touted as a therapeutic and freeing exercise, but I reeeaaally struggle with knowing how to focus, understanding what oversharing means, and feeling embarrassed and like an imposter like why would anyone even careeee?! But I'm sincerely working on that. Just trying to relax and be myself. I'm exhausted of fighting myself, so here I am just talking to myself.

In this here blog, you can expect perspectives from me on the way I perceive and work with design, the concepts of art and creativity and their intersection with accessibility and worthiness, and updates on my work and offerings.

I hope to provide information, to open up conversation, share my own experiences, to explore and learn with whoever interacts with my storytelling, and to foster a sense of community around what it means to be a creative entrepreneur and overall, a human being who is sometimes mystified by this human experience.

This is me, G, outside my creative studio in Salt Lake City, UT.

I have the problem (maybe "phenomenon" is a more generous word?) of simultaneously taking everything and nothing seriously at the same time. So, you can expect to hear me go full woo-woo in the deep feels and thoughts and then some something silly, random, or weird will come out. I try to stop that train less and less these days. Guess we'll see.

Wanna be friends? Or maybe just friendly?

If you want to tag along on other platforms, you can follow me on Instagram @genevievebryan and/or @paperpantherstudio. If you love lettering, especially if you're a Utah local, follow my lettering club "AlphaBesties" @alphabestiesclub to keep an eye out for local meetups and workshops and lettering content.

Feel welcome to leave a comment or DM me on Insta.

Ciao for now.


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